This Week in Food: Not-My-President Chocolate & Vegan Meat that Bleeds

It’s nothing new that award shows provide a platform for social and political interests. In 1973 Marlon Brando stunned audiences when he refused to accept his Oscar win over the mistreatment of Native Americans. At… Continue reading

Snowy City Serenity Surrounds

The snow blankets the parks in stillness and muffles the streets into silence, for a day. There is something poetically beautiful in the stark winter landscape. The snow fills into the negative spaces and clears… Continue reading

Are almonds destroying the earth?

Almond crops depend on man-made resources and terraforming to survive. Have we all gone nuts for Big Agriculture?

Experimenting With Flavor Combinations: Chocolate

I like working with different flavor combinations when cooking and baking.  For instance, a hint of tartness will enhance a deeper tone and a zip of salt adds zest to sweetness. I’m often wondering… Continue reading

Tips for baking cookies in bulk

I’ll be participating in my second baking competition tomorrow. Although I don’t really care too much whether I win or lose, I do care about getting the job done right. I’ve learned a… Continue reading

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a bunch of paleo chocolate chip cookie recipes scribbled in my little notebook, but this one turned out the best. I’ve been keeping this recipe for myself…but now, here it is.… Continue reading

Sunday Soup- Hearty Chicken Tortilla Stew

Welcome to the new year.  One of the things I am pursuing this year is cooking. I’m a baker by nature, but I don’t experiment in cooking as often as I would like. So… Continue reading

Three Easy Steps to Resolving The New Year & Crispy Kale and Sausage Omelette Recipe

Happy New Year! I discovered a great way to start the new year, one of my favorite holidays. It’s not about making unattainable goals and subsequently punishing yourself when you inevitably don’t reach… Continue reading

Books About Food and Drink: From Drunken Botany to Healthy Holiday Recovery

I love seeing family during the holidays, but long bus rides can be brutal. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some apt reading material for food lovers of all kinds. I remember… Continue reading

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