Oreo Cookie Icebox Pie

As a child I remember watching my father break this crunchy cookie open and discard the sweet filling. I couldn’t understand why anyone would waste such a decadent delicacy. He claimed his sweet tooth had given him far too many cavities and couldn’t risk getting more. I eagerly scooped up the discarded sugary disc after him and mashed it onto my cookie. Thus inventing my very own double-stuffed Oreo.

Now that I am older & wiser I have a more sophisticated way of consuming these little black pucks. Mashing cookie crumbles with a slab of whipped cream in the middle, I present to you, the Oreo Icebox Pie.

The Oreo Cookie Icebox Pie

1 pkg Oreo Cookies

2 cups heavy cream

2 tbl sp real butter, slightly melted

1/2 cup granulated sugar

First, take a rolling pin and mash the life out of the cookies, until they are small chunks. Then mix the melted butter in with the cookie chunks. Compact the mixture in a regular sized pie pan, you can pack it on the sides if there is enough to spare after covering the entire bottom with about one centimeter of thickness. Make sure it is packed in tight. Place in oven at 350 for 5-10 minutes, until crisp. Remove to cool.

In a separate bowl, beat the heavy cream until it turns to thick whipped cream. Whip in about 1/2 cup of sugar or to taste.

When crust is cool, spread the whipped cream over it. Garnish with cookie crumbs & whole cookies. Violá! You’ve got yourself a tasty church basement dessert!

Oreo After Ovenoreo before oven