Why I Tossed My Drink at a Fool at the Bar & Famous Curry Chicken Salad Recipe

Living in New York has its share of unsavory characters and sticky situations. I’m pretty well-adjusted and try to take these occurrences in stride. However, there comes a time in everyone’s life where you are basking in sunlight and then all of a sudden, comes an unexpected dark cloud… so to speak, and you just have to do something out of the ordinary. For instance, last week a friend and I were spending an evening at a popular neighborhood bar. We grabbed some drinks and talked about food, life and love, happily minding our own business. A not-so-bright young man in his twenties approached and asked if we were from the area. Explaining he was from Texas, he inquired advice about the beer selection. I said I had no idea since I’d only been to that bar once and I don’t drink beer. My friend kindly responded with a few options. We were satisfied with our answer, so we politely returned to our conversation. As the night went on we decided to take a gander at a dating game app in which you swipe across the photos of other members to “X” or “Heart” their pictures indicating your interest in them. While we continued the game, we noticed the young man still watching over us, making comments about us to his friend. He then decided to intervene, this is when things got hairy.

In his southern drawl he said, “Thanks for your advice ladies, and now I have some advice for you.” My stomach sank. This situation was going to get ugly. Very ugly. “I know you are h*rny ladies, but you won’t find your big D– (expletive) on that app. Expletive expletive…more expletives.” Appalling. Not sure what we could have done to offend this poor lad.

I told him he needed to get away from us immediately. He didn’t listen; mistake one. As if his behavior wasn’t disgusting enough, he continued giving us unsolicited advice, calling us derogatory names in the process; mistake two. I told him he needed to leave or we would tell security to remove him. That comment, apparently deemed us Manhattan B*tches; mistake three. I picked up my glass. In a split second I determined that the liquor inside it would be more beneficial to me if it was splashed across his face, rather than in my stomach. I tossed my drink at  him, lime and all. Finally, he and his friend made their way out the door. At last, I could breath again without all that negative energy clogging my airways. While I don’t advocate this behavior, in this case desperate times call for desperate measures. Now for your turn, what on earth would you do in this situation? Comment as you see fit.

Lesson learned, if you behave like a chicken, you’ll probably get your head cut off. Or end up with a liquor stained sweater. Speaking of chicken, here is a sassy and colorful recipe, just sweet enough with a touch of spice.

Famous Curry Chicken Salad




Famous Curry Chicken Salad

About 2-3 cups of chopped chicken (I like to buy a rotisserie chicken)

3 celery stalks

1/2 small red onion (1/3 cup raisins/cranberries)

1 cup whole walnuts-chop

1/3 cup chopped cilantro

1/2 cup mayonnaise

Tumeric to taste

Cumin to taste

Salt to taste

Mix all the chopped ingredients together, sprinkle the spices to taste and fold in mayonnaise. Can be served alone or in the company of bread, wine and good friends. Makes about 4 servings.