(Giant) Grapefruit and Mint Salad

For $3.99 at the Chinese fruit and fish market in Sunset Park Brooklyn, you can purchase a grapefruit the size of your head. I’ve lived in New York City for many years and in Brooklyn for only a few months, out of all the crazy foods I’ve come across and eaten (grasshoppers, pigeons, brains…ok haven’t tried that one yet) I’ve never seen a pomelo, until now. I stroll by these many times on my way to the local grocery store. Once thinking they were melons, I took a closer look and saw they were actually a citrus fruit native to Southeast Asia. The neighborhood is primarily Chinese and I am always discovering foods that are new to me, inspiring recipes I never thought could exist. When I moved here six months ago from Queens I thought I’d seen it all, not so. The pummelo, pomelo…had me speechless.Today I split one of them open to see what kind of treasure I would find. The inside of this mysterious fruit is a juicy, rose-colored flesh and the rind is surprisingly thick. The taste is much sweeter and milder than the traditional grapefruit, making it suitable for a Brooklyn weekend brunch salad.


Compare the size to a lemon or a strawberry


The pomelo has a thick rind and juicy flesh.


Pomelo and Strawberry Mint salad, suitable for an artisanal Brooklyn Brunch.

Pomelo Mint Salad

1 Pomelo cut flesh into small chunks

2 Sprigs of fresh mint

6 Strawberries cut into small pieces

Add all ingredients. Serve. Eat. Feeds two.

*Note, be aware that the skin is very tough. For optimal eating experience remove all skin from pomelo flesh.