4th of July Summer Cocktail: Strawberry Mint Spritzer

What tastes better than fresh fruit from the farmer’s market on a summer afternoon? A cheap bottle of rosé with said fruit. With a little, ahem, research and some  extensive taste-testing, I came up with this easy and refreshing recipe for a quick summer cocktail. Sip until your heart’s content and your mind’s relaxed.

strawberry spritzer2


Strawberry and Mint Spritzer Summertime Cocktail

4 cups seltzer water

3 cups rosé wine

3 tablespoons honey or brown sugar (optional)

4-5 sprigs of fresh mint, leaves only

12 strawberries or 2 cups chopped in half

Add all the ingredients in a blender, blend until frothy liquid consistency, ice and serve. If you do not have a blender, dice the strawberries and mint leaves and place into a pot on medium heat with the honey and rosé. Heat and macerate strawberries until mixture yields a smoothie consistency. Remove from heat and chill until cold. Add the rest of the ingredients with an additional cup of wine, as it will evaporate when it is heated. Ice and serve. Makes about 6 servings.

strawberry spritzer1

strawberry spritzer3