Mango Lime Shake Made with Coconut Milk

Mango Sunset Eileen

The new bride absconds into the sunset…

Rest and recovery were much needed after spending four days in the hot and steamy South Carolina at a good friend’s wedding. A slower pace of life is a welcome change from living in the big city.

We toured the town’s historic mansions, waded in the warm Atlantic and spied frolicking dolphins, all while running into thunderstorms, then running out of thunderstorms. We ate pounds seafood and danced all night with the bride-to-be.

Now I’m back in the hustle of the city, savoring a few moments of some sweet silence with a drink.  The bold sweetness and bright flesh of the mango remind me of the lazy summer sunsets to pass. Here’s a less sloppy way to eat, or should I say, sip all that mango goodness in a cup.

Mango Lime Shake

14oz frozen mango flesh

2 cups coconut milk, after flesh is extracted (if you use canned milk)

1 1/2 cups unsweetened almond milk

4 shots of rum

1 lime – half for juice, half for garnish slices

Place coconut milk, almond milk, lime juice (extracted from 1/2 lime, about two tablespoons) and frozen mango flesh in a blender. I like to use the leftover coconut milk after the fatty pulp is extracted, because I often use the actual fatty part to make ice cream. This isn’t necessary, you can use the entire can for this recipe. It will still taste delicious, but it will add on a few hundred calories. Blend all ingredients in blender until shake-like consistency.  Serve with a slice of lime for garnish. Serves about four.

MangoMango CoconutMango Lime Shake 1Mango Lime Shake 2