Will Eating Sweets Make You Sweeter? Air-Whipped Espresso Chip Ice Cream – Paleo Ice Cream, Dairy-Free

I’d like to think that my sweet addiction contributes to my sweet disposition. I eat sweets, therefore I am. According this article in Science Daily, it’s true. What could make you sweeter than eating ice cream, brownies, cookies, cake…? What’s better than coming home to a cute little baby panda? Coming home to a big fat plate of dessert. I can’t help it, every where I go I see clouds of sweet ice cream, chocolate covered sneakers, dancing cookies, mountains of floating cupcakes, thunderstorms of melted chocolate, and so much more. My imaginary world of confections is my dessert heaven. Here’s a delicious sample from this fantasy land. Inspired by a recipe from Nigella’s kitchen, this espresso ice cream recipe is slightly different from the ice cream I usually make. In order to create a fluffier, lighter texture, I whipped the cream full of air. It maintains a soft texture hours after it’s been frozen. It just might be my new favorite ice cream. Just don’t eat this too close to bed time or you won’t sleep a wink.

Espresso Ice Cream 1

Air-Whipped Espresso Chip Ice Cream Dairy-Free

13.5oz whole can of coconut milk (if you want to make with dairy, substitute with 2 cups of heavy cream & 1 cup of half & half)

13.5oz fat from coconut milk- use only the fatty bit from the top. It’s easier to separate after can is refrigerated a few hours.

1/3 cup & 2 tablespoons of honey

1 tablespoon instant espresso powder- I use Cafe Bustelo

2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1/4 cup diced dark chocolate- I use Lindt 85%

Separate milk fat from one can of coconut milk, add another entire 13.5oz can. In a separate bowl, combine cocoa, espresso and honey. Blend until smooth, add to the coconut milk. With a mixer (I use a handheld) at top speed, whip mixture for about 5-7 minutes. It won’t look like whipped cream, but you will start to see bubbles and it will feel lighter and fluffier. This step adds air to the cream so when the ice cream freezes overnight, it will have a lighter texture. Don’t skip the whip! Otherwise it won’t fluff. Place combination in ice cream maker for about twenty minutes and then add chocolate chips when it starts to firm. Mix for about another ten minutes. And there ya go! Serves about four…or makes about a pint and a half.

Espresso Ice Cream 3 Espresso Ice Cream 6