A Wedding in Germany

It’s been a while since I took a vacation overseas and this trip was much needed. My third wedding of the summer rounded off the year in Germany.

Dresden, Germany is a historic city was nicknamed the Jewel Box because of its stunning rococo and baroque architecture. The landscape is somewhat magical. The contrasting scene of vast cathedrals and cobblestones transform into rolling green hills topped with wild flowers as we traveled outward. Here a few photos of my week across the pound.


German tradition, the bride and groom saw a log together.

Dresden 6

And off they go into the late August afternoon.


The party is just beginning.

Dresden 5

The Dresden countryside wildflowers.

Dresden 4

Popping bubbles everywhere!

Dresden Bubble

The one that got away…

Dresden 2

A city fit for a king…or many of them.

Dresden 3

One of the many cathedrals.