Thanksgiving Bake Off!

For the last year I’ve been eating an unrefined paleo-ish diet. It can be a challenging way to live when the holidays approach. So many temptations and I have an enormous sweet tooth; cookies, cakes, breads, you name it. I’m getting hungry already. I searched online for baking paleo desserts and some of the recipes were complicated with inaccessible ingredients, so I started creating my own recipes. I’m from the rural midwest where fancy groceries stores are far and few between. I want everyone who eats a clean diet to be able to cook and bake with unrefined ingredients, no matter where you live. You should never feel deprived, ever. So here are a few of my easy paleo recipes suited for the Thanksgiving season. No one has to know they are paleo, take them to your next dinner party and share the goodness. Click on the links below for the full recipe! Do you have a holiday season favorite? Share it with me!

Maple Cranberry Cake

Big Apple Molasses Scones

Sweet Jesus Molasses Cookies

Vanilla Cranberry Muffins

Sweet and Savory Pecan Butternut Squash Salad

Zucchini Apple Muffins

Hot Apple Jack Buttered Cider

Happy Baking!

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