Thanksgiving in Toronto: A Culinary Tour

This year for the holiday, I hopped on a plane to spend the weekend in Toronto with a good friend. We galavanted in the frigid temperatures for three days in search of culinary delights. We found so much wonderfully fresh food. Here are some of the highlights of our daily feasts, punctuated by the most amazing coffee I’ve ever had. Thanks to my gracious hostess, I have a lovely story to tell…enhanced by caffeine. Still buzzing…

The Distillery District– This old brick structure is now the home of an eclectic blend of food vendors and shops. We got the pleasure of touring a few of the quaint shops and getting a few treats while we were there. The Soma Chocolate Factory smells as delicious as it tastes. The store-front equipped with a chocolate lab in the back invites visitors to watch giant mixers churn out all kinds of chocolate treats.

Balzac Coffee is where we headed next to take in some freshly ground espresso. The cute shop was quite packed, but we managed to snag some sweet and decadent maple lattes.

St. Lawrence Market– This place is huge warehouse stuffed wall-to-wall with locally produced savory meat, fish, cheese, and colorful veggies, and fruit. They also sell Icewine, a traditional Canadian dessert wine, of which we had the pleasure of sampling.

The Senator Diner– Located in the city center this is one of the oldest restaurants in Canada. Surviving WWII, it’s become a Canadian institution, they smoke their own salmon on site, bake from scratch, and squeeze fresh orange juice.

Le Société Bistro– If you are there for breakfast order Lobster Eggs Benedict. Enough said.

It’s worth checking out some local grocery stores to save money and experience the every-day-life culture. If you find it difficult to stick to your budget in an abundance of temptation, hit up some of these cool spots…

Bulk Barn– ‘Canada’s Largest Bulk Food Retailer’ – Large bins of everything from tea, chocolate, baking flour, nuts, coffee, crackers, cookies, dried fruit, potato chips, coffee, soap…you can self-serve yourself just about anything and as much as you want.

LobLaws– And no, its first name is not Bob. It’s a fancy market comparable to Whole Foods  and stocked with everything from freshly prepared meals, soup, salad…oh and some Canadian favorites, like dill and poutine potato chips.

Fuel+ Coffee– This place makes a mean buttered coffee. Yes, buttered. The owners are really nice and will tell you everything you need to know about the unique fuel they provide. We went there every morning after our three mile jog around the beautiful University of Toronto campus.

The Green Beanery-Home of the $23 espresso shot(!) Charitable coffee that is sold in cups or raw beans in bulk for home roasting.

Fuel+ Buttered Coffee

Fuel+ Buttered Coffee

Eggs Benedict with Lobster at La Société

Eggs Benedict with Lobster at La Société


Tim Horton Hears a Who. Who.

The Distillery District at Night.

The Distillery District at night.

The patient hostess with her unruly guest.

The patient hostess with her unruly guest.