Tips for baking cookies in bulk

I’ll be participating in my second baking competition tomorrow. Although I don’t really care too much whether I win or lose, I do care about getting the job done right. I’ve learned a few things since entering the first competition, and it wasn’t how to make the best cookies, I’m still working on that! What I did learn was how to manage baking in very large quantities in a short amount of time. Here are some tips for when you are baking cookies in bulk…

1. You’ll need to choose a trusted recipe and calculate the ingredients to the amount you’ll need. Using an app like the My Kitchen Calculator is helpful. Even if you’re a math wiz, it’s good to write the measurements out just to be sure. You don’t want all those ingredients going to waste with one minor mistake!

2. Prepare the batter a day before, wrap and roll it. Because I had so much cookie dough, I rolled it, and wrapped it in parchment paper. It’s a great storage method and it’s prepped and ready for when you want to do your baking. It’s also a great time-saver when you have unexpected guests and need to prepare dessert on the fly.

3. Do a test run. When I was playing with oven time and temperature, I realized the cookies baked much faster than the recipe stated. So, it’s good to do a small test batch before hand.

4. Slice it! When you’re ready to bake, unwrap the dough and slice, usually about 1/3 inch is good for basic cookies. But like I said, test it out first. You never really know how fast it will bake or what the finished size will be until you try it out first.

Also, if you don’t want to bake monster-sized cookies, cut each slice into fourths for smaller cookies. The size is uniform and easy to calculate using this method.

The recipe for these brown butter maple pecan dark chocolate chip cookies made about 200 small cookies. Raaka chocolate also sponsored the bake off, so I got 5 pounds of dark chocolate chips to work with.  And as for the recipe, tune in next time!


5 pounds of Raaka dark chocolate from Red Hook Brooklyn.


Chewy brown butter maple pecan chocolate chips bites.


Roll the dough and wrap in parchment paper.


Seal the rolled and wrapped dough in an airtight container. Store in fridge over night.