Seaweed Tea for Two, Please

When my long-time college cohorts told me they were going into the seaweed tea business, I was intrigued. It made sense, though. This time of year sipping a hot mug of tea feels good and can also be good for you, especially if it’s made from a superfood- like seaweed.

Marine algae is full of all kinds of healthy things, like minerals and iodine. It might be green and slimy to eat, but not to drink. When steeped in a tea, seaweed takes on an entirely new taste. It’s subtle, yet savory and blends with different flavor profiles like ginger and smokey lapsang souchong- my favorite.

Cup of Sea is hand-picked straight from the Maine coast, dried and packaged specifically for brewing. When I learned about this unusual drink, I had to taste it. What’s it like? You can read more about it (along with a few other healthy teas) in my article, here.

Could seaweed tea be the next best thing? Something big is brewing.

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