What I learned from DIY Weddings & Baby Showers

I’ve been to several weddings and baby showers, but the ones that stood out the most were the ones that my friends and I helped create. Putting everything together into a beautiful experience is no small task. But when all of us contribute just a little bit, we end up with an experience that is much more memorable than we could ever achieve otherwise.

If you’re thinking about going DIY for your next big event, consider these tips:

1. Get Inspired! Start an idea board on Pinterest and share it amongst friends who are helping to plan the big event.


A homemade place setting from freshly picked flowers and rosemary.


A hand-picked pinecone used as a food label adds a fun spin and no waste.


2. Participation Required! If you can’t afford to give elaborate gifts, add an activity that engages your guests and strikes up conversation, like the comment tree below. The guests had a great time writing their comments and the new mother had fun reading them after her shower was over!



A comment tree adds strikes conversation and allows your guests to participate.

3. Find Your Talent! I’m a baker (see cake below) so I always end making the dessert, which is what I love to do! My friend works in design, so she’s great at making signs, center pieces and labels. 


A cake made from scratch with real mint leaves is decorative and yummy.

4. Give it all Away. At the end of a DIY wedding, we all had fun picking through the small treasures that were left behind, like colorful glass bottles and scrap material. I still have a bottle filled with lavender in my bathroom that reminds me of how much fun I had that day. I also made a quilt with the scrap material from the wedding and gave it to the bride and groom on their anniversary. 



These bottles were used as centerpieces and then given away.

5. Free and Found! Take a day out with your friends to collect objects that you can turn into unique decor for the room. Stones, pinecones, field flowers, branches and fruit all can add up to create unique centerpieces. When clean-up time arrives, you won’t feel guilty about discarding the items back into nature where you found them.


More bottles filled with flowers and hanging from branches we collected.


Some good cheesy fun with little furry friend cut-outs.